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Burton Growers Ltd. is in the final stages of receiving its Health Canada cannabis cultivation licence, which is expected to be received by December 31, 2023.

We are proudly located under the HALO of Forty Mile County.

The Cultivation Facility consists of an approximate 25,000 square “sky” greenhouse located in the sunniest region of Canada and less than a half hour from the Canada/United States border. 

Short Term Goals:

  • Grow high-quality Cannabis;

  • Employ local Albertans and Indigenous personnel;

  • Support the local southern Alberta community;

  • Respect the land, our environment, and the Indigenous and their beliefs; and

  • Use state of the art growing technologies and monitoring methods.

Long Term Goals:

  • Become the preferred cannabis product supplier for the southern Alberta region, including:

    • Medicine Hat, Taber, Lethbridge, Fort Macleod, Bow Island, Redcliff, Foremost, and our nearest town—Etzikom;

  • Become a cannabis exporter to our neighbour--the United States; and

  • Become fully “green,” including using the golden halo of the energy from the sun.


Business Goals:

  • The use of good growing practices ensures a high-quality product;

  • Watch our bottom line: We have seen too many companies fail to monitor their Balance Sheets, and rather they follow the “hype.” We intend to use our capital in a wise and constrained manner to ensure that our investors are rewarded for their belief in us;

  • Award our business partners—we have received great assistance from local contractors in building our facility.  We intend to support them and continue to support the  upstanding businesses in the region;

  • Assist other small scale Cannabis companies in southern Alberta;

  • Develop a strong cultural and business relationship with the Indigenous communities.

Key Management:

President: John Zang: Mr. Zang is a lawyer. His experience includes assisting with obtaining Cannabis licences for a BC cultivation facility, taking companies public (including Cannabis), obtaining a Cannabis laboratory licence, and Cannabis acquisitions in the United States. 

Vice President: Spencer Burton: Mr. Burton’s family is the owner of the lands on which the Grow Facility is located. Mr. Burton grew up on the lands. He knows the region’s people, knows the region’s weather and sunshine and respects the land.

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